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Thinking of Bitcoin as just a digital currency is like thinking about the.

I trust you to determine if there is enough there to teach us about:).Because cash is a democracy issue and they give great insight on this.If you are an app developer, marketer, or other non-podcaster who wants feedback from podcast creators or listeners, please message the mods before posting to see if your post would be appropriate here.Agricultural Economics Behavioral Behavioral Economics Ben Bernanke bitcoin Currency.Also, often people like Paul Krugman are talking about it loud mouthedly.

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Russ has interviewed a lot of Giants of the field, such as Friedman, Coase, etc.

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Also lastly, i am more then curious to learn about it in a unconventional and using a lateral method.

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I am curious about Bitcoin, but only because it is getting so much attention.

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What happens to assets like this which are traded as investments rather than treated as currency.

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Not as in what are you talking about, but what do they classify as.Also, if people are mailing u often to do a podcast about it, it is evident that there is a broad curiosity amongst the econ peeps.Please make self posts about your podcast that has actual context and substance, this is a community, not a marketing subreddit.

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